Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a healing technique that gets to the root of any critical life issue you may be facing and resolves it. The therapy uses special charts and a pendulum, to trace negative energy patterns of the past, present or future. SRT clears negative energy from the higher energy field, resolves any imbalances, and restores harmony.

Through SRT, you can change old views, negative beliefs, repeat issues, and remove blocks. Once you are aligned with positive energies, all other areas of your life fall into place as well.

Benefits Of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)​

Uncover The Root Cause

Of any challenge one may be facing

Gain Deeper Insight

Into why things are the way they are

Heal Traumas

Through awareness and understanding

Remove Fears & Anxiety

In a very gentle and non-invasive way

Stimulate Creativity

And a higher understanding of things

Clearing Negative Energies

Of a physical space or person

Discover & Release Hidden Blocks And Limitations

To Your Health, Success And Abundance


Stress and improve decision making

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)​ Is For You If You

Have Experienced Trauma As A Child Or As An Adult
Have Anxiety Or Depression
Want To Progress In Life But Feel Like Something Is Holding You Back
Wish To Discover Your Life Purpose
Have Difficulty Getting Into A Relationship Or Maintaining Existing Relationships
Have Fears You Wish To Overcome
Have A Complicated Relationship With Food Or Your Body
Desire Greater Financial Abundance

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