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Voice Dialogue

To understand what Voice Dialogue is, we must first understand how we identify ourselves as individuals. We tend to believe that we have a personality and that is who we are, when in fact we have a personality made up of many sub-personalities. For example, the personality you use with your friends is different from the one you use with your boss or doctor.

When we give a persona a ‘voice’, we fully enter the energy of that sub-personality, affecting our nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, and other systems, and facilitating the release of shadow emotions.

Shadow emotions are thoughts and feelings that we usually try to suppress, such as depression, anxiety, confusion, resentment, envy and hopelessness. Most people react to shadow emotions by developing an inner critic that prevents them from owning and expressing their true emotions.

Voice Dialogue assists you in why you think, believe, behave and act the way you do. It provides an awareness of how you have been operating, aiding not only in the identification of negative beliefs and their healing and integration but also shifting your identity to one of empowerment, allowing you to make positive conscious choices.

Benefits of Voice Dialogue

Gain a deeper insight of your behaviors, feelings and choices

Understand how the personality you identify with is made up of many sub-personalities

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Change conditioned / fixed personality traits and beliefs

Miracles Worldwide Dubai Services Benefits Voice Dialogue

Safe, effective and fast results

Immediate positive changes can be seen

Permanent results that can always be enhanced

Heal parts of your subconscious affecting your current state of being

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