At Miracles we offer an array of wellness packages which include a combination of therapies and treatments specially designed to address your needs. Sometimes we may need more than one session to achieve a resolution. Every package starts with an initial consultation which includes; an assessment, identifying goals and learning tools to manage various life situations.

Please speak to your therapist if you would like a bespoke package based on what you may be specifically looking for.

This gentle introduction to Healing, Coaching & Therapy is designed for those who are new to healing or therapy work. These sessions address any challenges you may be experiencing or clarity you may require…. more

Anxiety & Panic Attacks are mostly caused due to deep rooted unresolved fears from the past. The fear tends to suddenly or randomly come up and takes over the system in irrational ways…. more

Sometimes when we struggle to sleep it could be because ‘there is something keeping us up’. This is usually thoughts, fears, and worries stored deep in our sub-conscious mind… more

Unresolved wounds from the past can have an impact on our present lives, hindering our ability to move forward and experience true fulfillment. If you find yourself feeling stuck in repetitive patterns or unable to progress… more

Finding your life purpose is reported to be one of the most fulfilling and gratifying feelings in the world. This is where we are aligned to our higher purpose and our way of giving back to the world… more

This package provides a combination of coaching and therapy. This is designed to identify and achieve your goals while clearing blocks and old wounds, in the process… more

Our comprehensive coaching and holistic therapy package is specifically designed to support individuals dealing with depression and feeling low. Through a combination of coaching, therapy, and holistic approaches… more