Shamanic Healing

A shaman is one healer who leverages his or her altered state of consciousness to access the obfuscated realities in the spirit world. The shaman utilizes this higher state of being to enforce multiple purposes imparting healing on different levels with their latent power and information.

The word “shaman” is sourced from Siberian roots indicating “one who sees in the dark.” Shamanism relies on hidden secrets that were previously practiced by medicine men and women in ancient times. Healers, seers, and mystics from across the world perfected the art for centuries before it lost relevance for a long time in the modern society.

Shaman practitioners at Miracles Worldwide are the ones that believe every problem stemming on physical, emotional or mental level have their roots embedded in spiritual imbalance.

A shaman aims to restore balance in the being, addressing the root causes directly. Shamanic healing employs several methods for healing including soul retrieval process, spiritual ally retrieval for guidance, process of elimination of unwanted energies, access to soul remembrances, alleviation of ancestral blockages, and hands-on healing.

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