Bhavana has had a fulfilling family and work life. Even with everything she was blessed with, she has felt there was a higher calling, a need for a supportive community outside the boundary of family and friends, a space to explore our resilience as human beings, and to be in the service of each other.

Many years ago, she chanced upon ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.  She instinctively knew she was on a path to what would be her calling. It was the beginning of a new journey for her. She spent the rest of her free time between work and family to educate herself through reading, lectures and classes to become a RSCI Life Coach and a Practitioner of  different healing modalities.

Bhavna believes that each individual is unique and has their very own life stories, these stories can leave people with limiting beliefs,  self sabotaging behavior patterns and conditioning however, with her expertise she can help individuals to expand and grow their consciousness to the best of their abilities and live in peace and harmony, regardless of prevailing life circumstances.

With a huge repertoire of knowledge in this space, Bhavana has found that her greatest strength lies in finding the best solution for each individual. It could be one session or a combination of many.  Finding the right balance and action plan for each person and seeing them develop, blossom and grow is what gives her immense joy.

Bhavana tries to devote as much time as possible in asking for guidance from the universe and is in gratitude for being given this chance to do what she has come to absolutely love.

Bhavana’s mantra: 

Happiness is not something readymade, it comes from your own actions ………. Dalai Lama

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