Daniela is a multi passionate soul! Through her travels and great curiosity for life, she has awakened many interests, specially in the wellbeing and self development field. Reason why she decided to become a Yoga Teacher after almost 10 years of being a student; she is also a Sound Healing practitioner and a Holistic Nutritionist, amongst other things that she loves doing and have learnt along the way, which she’s ready to share with you and walk with you along the way.

Daniela feels driven to complement and integrate different practices and tools which are all interconnected in order to create greater health, sense of wellbeing and love for oneself. She loves to use nature as an inspiration in her sessions through meditation and asanas because she believes that when we understand our relationship with nature, we live in better alignment and more fulfillment. Daniela has a deep passion for providing safe and nurturing spaces for people to connect with themselves and their lives.

She is also a photographer and loves to help women feel beautiful and free in their bodies, emotions and self expression. She will love to have you in her classes to guide you to your inner home.

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