Manon embarked on a profound voyage into the realm of alternative healing, driven by a strong desire to explore the boundless potential of wellness and offer her assistance to those in need. As a practitioner of Meditation, Reiki, Sound healing, and Theta healing, she became a conduit of healing energy, fully dedicated to guiding others towards inner peace and spiritual harmony.

Prior to becoming an energy healer, Manon had experienced the fast-paced nature of conventional environments, but she soon recognized that true fulfillment lay beyond those confines of conventional success. It was within the domain of alternative healing that she unearthed her genuine purpose: to help individuals in finding balance, inner peace, and authentic well-being.

Motivated by an insatiable curiosity to unlock the infinite possibilities of wellness, Manon delved deeply into the realms of meditation, energy healing, and sound therapy. Her journey led her to Nepal, where she immersed herself in the sacred teachings of yoga and sound healing, absorbing wisdom from seasoned yogis and gaining profound insights into ancient traditions.

As a meditation teacher, Manon skillfully intertwines the principles of mindfulness, breathwork, and visualization, expertly guiding her students on an inward voyage of transformation. Through her presence and intuitive guidance, she empowers individuals to establish a profound connection with their own consciousness, fostering clarity and self-awareness.

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