Manya embarked on her journey of therapy and healing a few years ago when she discovered the true power of our mind and how it impacts the lives we live. She understood that it was not just about “being positive”, but there are many things in our “sub-conscious mind” that play a huge part in manifesting the lives we are living.

She noticed that people were stuck or struggling in various areas of their life and just couldn’t seem to change it. Through Hypnotherapy, Time-Line Therapy, Trauma Release, Past Life Regression and NLP, people not only were freeing themselves from their challenges but were also finding a whole new meaning to life.

Manya experienced a deep calling to bring this work to the world and show people how they can live the life they desire. She teaches people how the mind works and explains why and how they are in the life situation they are in. Through Relationship Guidance, she also teaches people how to have healthy relationships (romantic, family, professional or business) from a place of understanding, kindness, and respect.

She also expands her work to kids guiding and mentoring future leaders to help them deal with inherent problems that arise because of our fast-paced and ever changing society, such as fear, stress, anxiety, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and a lack of self-love.

Moreover, Manya offers energy healing like Reiki Healing, Access Bars and conducts workshops and meditations to educate and empower people to take control of their lives and let go of past hurts. Her aim is to help individuals identify their goals, find focus and confidence to pursue their dreams. She is here to guide clients down the path of self-awareness and self-love as she sets them up for success in all areas of life.

“I’m committed to help clients become the best versions of themselves and, ultimately, reclaim control and transform their lives.”

Manya Monga

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