Meena, a qualified therapist with over 15 years of experience, is extremely passionate about connecting with people and helping them to heal. She works with various modalities, including Hypnotherapy, Tasso, Reiki healing, Guided Meditations, and Chakra Diagnosis and Healing.

Being a graduate in psychology and child development, Meena set up her own Montessori nursery in 2000 while simultaneously continuing to explore the depths of the subconscious mind. After 16 years of being a successful educator, she was ready to transition fully into being a therapist and energy healer, working with young children, adolescents and mature adults.

Her specialities include healing childhood traumas, traumas related to accidents, labour pain, physical and mental abuse, ancestral healing (vows, oaths, curses), empowering women to rise above conventional expectations, relationship healing, and resolution of physical ailments.

Meena is kind, non-judgemental and holds others in only the highest unconditional and positive regard. Her therapies are truly powerful in initiating healing and maintaining change in her clients’ lives.

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