Growing up she watched her father (a renowned) doctor contribute to people in a unique manner that no one could describe. The thought of how this is possible and, in a way, to continue the legacy she desired to contribute to people’s lives the moment she met them.

Finding a unique way in all her endeavors and with children and adults alike, she embarked on this journey even before she knew what Energy Medicine or Spirituality truly meant. Passionate about transforming lives & well-being, she finds joy in empowering her clients to be free to choose a life they aspire towards.

Nisha believes that each individual irrespective of the age, has immense potential and a unique gift. She believes that each one is more than a sum-total of their experiences. The path & journey they have chosen has been their best at those moments and can craft a dream life. In her personal quest to find balance and harmony in life, and release the limiting patterns, she left behind a successful career in the corporate sector and formally started her journey of self-discovery, development and spiritual awareness.

She is dedicated to assisting her clients uncover the hidden patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious mind. She focuses on deep healing techniques that empower her clients to find their path to balance, happiness and harmony through understanding and breaking self-limiting belief systems and releasing repressed emotions and energy entanglements with ease.

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