Safaa Yousif started her professional life as a scientist, she got her Bachelor of Chemistry 2007 and expanded her scoop of experience with a Master degree in Material Sciences and Engineering. Safaa spent most of her life in the academic science and academic world, working as a researcher and instructing in prestigious higher education facilities in the Middle East and Asia.

She got big experience over a decade of teaching Physics, Chemistry and quantum mechanics. Safaa Yousif was a trainer and lecturer of subjects like “Analytical thinking”, “Problem Solving”, “Body Language” and more helping in employees’ training and developments. Safaa is working as a Therapist Today with clients from age (8 to 70) and genders who need help on matters such as: Public speaking, Confidence, Anxiety, Weight control, Eating disorders, Children learning skills improvement, Phobias and Relationships.

Safaa speaks English and Arabic and was Born in a big family, she is the last child of 5 siblings who lost their father at a young age. Safaa showed fascination and interest in Music playing, poetry clubs and Sport team contests growing up. Today she is a mother, and went through a divorce and many personal circumstances facing and overcoming traumas herself which shaped her and helped in building a strong empath, skillful therapist who has her share of personal journey of healing and transforming as the Therapist that she is today.

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