Sai is an accomplished Holistic Counselor, Vedic Astrologer, Educator, Yoga/Meditation facilitator and Sound Healer, with many years of experience in the healing arts. He is also an award-winning spiritual music exponent. His healing voice has touched hearts around the world, bringing peace, inner well-being and serenity to groups in different countries.

Sai’s initiation into the mystical arts began when he was little, and he has dedicated a large portion of his life’s work to researching and sharing knowledge rooted in ancient wisdom, particularly from the Indian Yogic/Vedic tradition. His work in the fields of Astrology and Intuitive Guidance incorporates teachings from the various mystical practices he has been immersed in since childhood. His eloquent interpretations of this knowledge have been widely appreciated around the world for building a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary challenges.

Sai’s self-development practices, including musical and meditative sound healing initiatives have touched lives around the world. He has assisted individual clients and groups in different countries including the United States, India, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc., bringing life coaching, relationship counselling, spiritual insight, career counselling from a holistic perspective, all guided by the Yogic Counselling principles and wisdom.

Sai was born and raised in Dubai, and graduated in Liberal Arts, Consciousness-based Education and Healing Music from the Maharishi International University in the United States. He is certified in Ayurvedic Astrology Counselling by the American Institute of Vedic Studies, and holds a Diploma in Yoga Education.

After working in the training and education space with Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions in India, USA and Australia for some years, Sai set up his own healing and education practice based on extensive studies of the philosophies of self development, Yoga and Ayurveda. He brings many years of deep work with the techniques, as well as rich experience in building meaningful relationships as a conduit of knowledge, a trusted counselor, and a deeply appreciated educator.

“The question ‘Who am I?’ has been the beginning of profound journeys of awakening and inner well-being through time immemorial. Sometimes it is through health imbalances or personal trauma that we relook at our lives and the purpose for why we are here. Sometimes it is through a chance meeting, or a piece of writing/speech/music that we are guided to ask ourselves the question – Who am I? – at a deeper level. Regardless of how we come to the question, it is the Knowledge of the Self that ultimately brings a restless mind to peace, and through compassionate guidance and practice, we can begin to live in greater alignment with our own nature, with our bodies and minds, and the ecosystems within which we thrive.” ~ Sai Ganesh

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