Syna embarked on her journey into the world of healing in 2018 when she first delved into the transformative practice of reiki. What began as a means to support her family members in overcoming their health challenges soon evolved into a profound personal transformation and ignited the desire to hone her gifts. In 2023, Syna took the leap and left her corporate 9-to-5 life and journeyed to India, a heartland of ancient spiritual knowledge, to dive even deeper into her quest for spiritual awakening.

Syna’s unwavering passion lies in assisting others on their own transformative journeys. Her offerings in Abu Dhabi include teaching spirituality and energy courses, pranic and reiki healing, inner child healing, ancestral healing, sound healing, and exploring the profound wisdom of yogic principles. Her mission is rooted in the desire to be a conduit for love and peace, devoted to helping others on their spiritual journeys.

Syna firmly believes that the solutions to physical and emotional issues lie in our spiritual core. For her, healing the spirit body is the key to unlocking the root causes of these issues, and she is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping others unearth and address them. She’s devoted to the Self Realization Fellowship Path and attributes her healing gifts to the grace of her gurus, spiritual guides and higher self.

“I am simply a vessel of cosmic consciousness, here to share that divine light with others. Let’s raise the vibe together.” – Syna

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