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After having sessions with Bakul I am really feeling very good. I released my cousin’s death trauma and also I realised a lot from my heart chakra. I am feeling very light and grounded.I am very comfortable in sharing my personal issues with him which I was never comfortable to share with anyone and he responded very professionally.Suleman Bukhari”

Beautiful and welcoming healing center with many knowledgeable teachers to help you unfold your spiritual path and very reasonable prices. The free introductory sessions offer insights into the different healing modalities and give you a chance to meet the instructors. I attended workshops with Yogesh Janak and Bakul HK, both extremely kind, experienced and attentive. I feel that they are offering a safe space to support me in facing my challenges and help me understand the bigger picture why. I’m truly thankful for this opportunity.Miriam Schaefer”

Thank you Mirna for the amazing techniques you have used to help my 12 year old daughter overcome her fears in her sport which is diving She has had a tough two years in her sport after lots of successes in the UK and Europe at a younger age. Fear crept in but I have seen a remarkable difference in her confidence since she has had sessions with you. She has a great diving coach but now also a great sporting mentor. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend you to anyone. James Lync”

Yogi is one of a kind, It is so great to meet with him, he has been guiding me for my healing very sincerely and honest about it. He always have new perspective and other ways to reach you and to heal you. The meditation sessions are so good with him and i highly recommend to attend other sessions with him as the writing ones, you get to know stuff about yourself.The guy has so much knowledge and he is sincerely sharing what is best for you. Thank you yogi S.k”

‘Indrani has the gift of being intuitive and emphatic without losing focus on what it is you hope to receive out of your session with her. She does not allow you to distract her from what’s at hand! I am very grateful for her help to make me quit smoking through hypnotherapy. This may be a small challenge compared to the world’s bigger problems, but it showed me that connecting with your subconscious through a skilled and trustful therapist like Indrani gives you a feeling of control and confidence that will support you in other areas of your life as well. Thank you, Indrani! your are a lovely person with great energy! F.B”

‘It has a pleasure working with Yogi. Through the chakra analysis, one can discover things about yourself and it will give awarness to what might be going on in the surroundings. It is such a useful way to help guide you in life. Menwa”

”I had a small hypnotherapy session with Mirna and that was one of the best healing experience i ever had because along with hypnotherapy, i was getting reconnective healing at the same time. You are the best…thank you…srijit”

” Thank you so much Bakul for the wonderful workshop journey of Angels .You are a wonderful Facilator & healer . Your connection withAngels are Awesome. I have attended your angel workshop earlier since then wanted to learn more and dip myself deeper into the sea of Angels & Masters. Prerana”

” Thank you Bakul for marvellous session. Very well guided n fantastic knowledge shared. Guided meditations were too good to say. Everyone released stagnant n unwanted energy which no more wanted to belong. Angel card reading was lot of fun.and Bakul ‘s reading again n again reveals his super high intuitive power. Fantastic session Cynthia”

” I started with treatment sessions with Mirna and I thought I was a hopeless case and went there just to silence close friends who recommended therapy. A real miracle happened after few sessions, and Mirna was able to convert me to a new person who forgot the past completely and want to look for the future. It was like magic as I always read it in books and saw it on you tubes but never imagined it would work with me! Mirna is amazing and I highly recommend patients to take appointments with her. Alexandra”

”You are a Seraphim of the Higher worlds,a true channel for guided knowledge from the Angelic realms ,You are an incredible facilitator, a powerhouse of talents, wisdom, intuition & perception ,You hold such tremendous healing energies in & around you that create magic ,You hold such spectacular ground-breaking workshops that every participant witnesses extraordinary shifts in their lives .Today’s workshop was a phenomenal one, where you imparted in- depth of all the Angels ,their types, with powerful meditations on chakras,grounding & Violet flame ,The highlight of this workshop was about ascension and ways to evolve as a multi-dimensional beig,Thank you for empowering us with the tools to make contact with higher angelic realms & ways to maintain it,It was a delight attending this marvelous workshop with other participants Immense gratitude for creating such a fascinating experience . Swapna”

”Today’s workshop was very interactive and very fun. I have attended the angel workshop previously, but I was able to have a much more deeper and more satisfying experience today. Thank you so much bakul. Your card readings are also very spot on, and you guided us to see the deeper meaning behind those cards. Thanks once again for this awesome experience bakul. Manish”

”Seeing the magic the tourmaline is having on my house and family thank you Sunita. Sakeena”

”I first met Sunita Mathur when she facilitated the Crystal healing class at Miracles. Upon getting to know more about crystals and Sunita over the years i developed a lot of trust in her capacities with Crystals and Tarot reading. Am not one to do a lot of Tarot consultations, however there has been one issue that has been bothering me for 2 years. I loaned a substantial amount to an acquaintance that didn’t get returned. During the long drawn court case i reached out to Sunita for a Tarot reading. Her unbiased approach and interpretation of cards and timing of events were fantastic. She did tell me justice will be served and i will receive the monies in the first quarter and that i will not get the entire amount. And it came to be correct. Yesterday, i received the monies. I am so grateful to Sunita and would recommend anyone who wants to have clarity in any area to consult her for a reading. She is extremely patient and very objective and direct to the point with her readings. Patriccia balan”

”Dear Indrani,I just wanted to say how grateful i’m that you came into my life,I’m the Happiest i have been in years.Staying in Dubai was the best thing i could have done for me i wouldn’t have had the courage for it if it wasn’t for your guidance to release that in me L”

”I always believed that Crystal healing and affirmations can do wonder; now I can say they do miracles too. I was diagnosed Cataract in my right by doctors a year back and suggested immediate surgery as in medical world ‘Surgery” is the only option to remove eye Cataract.Then I met Sunita for advice. She gave me a healing session and suggested a few specific Crystals to work with. She suggested Blue lace agates to put externally on my eyes and created a customised crystal Grid, which has a variety of Crystals best suited for this cause to dissolve the cataract, to be kept at my bedside.Along with these she has also suggested a bracelet created with specific crystal combination and a pendent to wear 24/7 in constant touch with the body and asked me to drink water charged with crystals.Sunita has suggested few affirmations to chant as many times as I can… as she wanted to deal with it 360 degrees.I did all the above and happy to state that first it stopped as n where it was, no further damage, and in one year’s time the cataract has dissolved!I am ever so grateful that I met Sunita Mathur. My heart full thanks for her sincere efforts in giving me her healing touch with her “Crystal Healing Rajeev Matur”

“Mark Wentworth is amazing. I met him completely by chance and had had no idea of the power or value of color in my life. He even tapped into my ancestry bringing me information and peace in an area of my life that had been a mystery to me. A color profile is sort of like trail markings for life…giving guidance on which path to choose along the way” Janette Barber, 6-time Emmy award winning producer/writer and best selling author.
“What can I say – the colour session is truly remarkable, I really feel like a different person, more like the ‘me’ I had almost forgotten. On top of that I’ve met a delightful young man, which prior to this colour work I would have never thought possible” V Benneth

“Thank you for a truly amazing session – I felt as though you had known me all my life and could see inside me. I’m using the colour techniques and I do feel much better, the depression has started to lift”

MyDearest Indrani,My words can never be enough to express my gratitude! Thank you so much for being so instrumental in my healing journey… Forever Grateful to the universe for making you a part of my life .Lots of Love V Dove London

“This was just incredible, no one has ever understood me or seen me as clearly as you have in this session, the colour exercises you taught me are already under way. Thank you so much”

“Meeting Mark was exactly what I needed to find my way back to myself. Listening to him felt like I was being called ‘home’! He explained how going against what is true for me was like going against the river, and that lit a flame in my heart. His words gave me permission to be my true self. Thank you Mark!”


I was stuck for the longest time…i dunno whether it were the men I was falling for or what but getting genuine love was a task.Miracles changed my life…a combination of Amrit and Vansa happened and I have never wanted to look back since… SRT, Constellation, and Hoponopono have saved me and refined my life so beautifully…These are beautiful techniques I discovered here which really removes deep blocks, resistance and fears.. I am still getting deep into the process and I have never ever felt so calm and respectful about myself… Perception about love and relationships has completely changed. It all begins within you..Miracles for me is no less than a temple…thank you so much Amrit and Vansa..How does it get any better than this? 😉


” Spiritual Response Therapy has literally changed my life. I am a 30 year old woman and I have suffered from migraines for over 15 years. Last year, I started to experience migraines 2-3 times a week.Ever since I met Vansa at Miracles in Nov 2017, I have probably experienced migraines a maximum of twice a month.SRT is truly a powerful healing modality – effects of which are incredible. I have changed so much – I am so much happier, relaxed, calmer and positive and I can barely remember what a migraine feels like! ”


I was doing rebirthing sessions with Sarkis and all I can say is that my life has started changing and transforming. I am so grateful for his sessions with me they have helped me a lot.


Miracles is my second home …..


I was given the chance to give birth to myself…a new me….thank you Indrani


I just wanted to write a quick note and thank Harry for the session earlier. I now feel very, very different. Lighter, if that makes sense. Also, not so tired, bogged down or blurry-eyed – as I usually would at 10+pm.I noticed that if I stay still for even just two seconds – the calming, tingly sensations envelope me and I know that things are being sorted out. So, thank you – most of all for the peace I haven’t felt in a long time. ever grateful, louise


I first was a little dizzy and lost, then I became very active and did all the things that I had on hold for months…like a boost of energy, couldn’t stop…wow! I’m well, thanks!!

Laura on Access Bars

I have never been at so much peace ever before with myself. I was going through very traumatic phase in my life when I first happened to read about Miracles Dubai. I was booked into 5 sessions of access bars and my life has changed for the better ever since. Aastha has been my pillar of support, my strength ever since I met her and she is a miracle that has happened in my life. A couple of times it has so happened that I have been wanting to call and speak to her and that very minute I receive a call from her. She always has the time for you and whatever issue it is she is always willing to listen to you and solve them for you. Thanks to her I have regained all that I lost in my life and I can’t explain what a happy space I am in now. Isn’t that we all deserve , to just be happy ?I highly recommend meeting Aastha even if it is for once and I can assure you that it will the best thing that will ever happen to you. How does it get even better than that?


Thank you to all the team of Miracles Center. You rebalance me and helped me regain my joy!


Thank You for an incredibly relaxing meditation


Amazing experience every time I come here! Thank You!


My Body is contained with the limitless of my soul.


My Body is contained with the limitless of my soul. I recently had a chance to attend a few sessions with Dr. Iram. It turned out to be a great experience for me. I feel really positive and energised. Thank you Ma’am for your wonderful support.


I thank you all for not only existing, but for sharing your knowledge and love! How does it get any better than this!


Open to a new world of awareness


Good Experience! ALWAYS.

S. Ramiz

Thank you for creating a peaceful place in Dubai


Thank you very much. Always pleasure to come here.


The full two hour workshop “NLP and Parenting” hosted by Iram Ahmedi, went like 5 mins for me. It was really productive and interesting with plenty of useful examples and interactive talks. I really took it deep to my heart. Iram was very informative and I felt so comfortable speaking frankly, which has never happened before at any seminar or training I have attended. I highly recommend this workshop for parents with children of all ages. As a suggestion please bring your better half to the workshop so that both of you can benefit and be at the same level of understanding. Thank you so much Iram Ahmedi and Miracles. Looking forward to more workshops.


Came across this center in a random search for something else on the internet, made a booking and had my first Hypnotherapy session. Best thing I could have done 2 days before my birthday. Thank you for helping me let go of so many things I carried in my heart. I feel like a new life awaits me…LOVE AND LIGHT TO EVERYONE AT MIRACLES WHO ARE TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE ME BE THE BETTER VERSION OF OURSELVES

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