The 20 Laws of Love Seminar @ Miracles Wellness Center Dubai

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The budding adult views the world and what it holds for him/her with trepidation and insecurities….with questions and doubts…with sometimes a need for a source of learning…awareness…support…a guide to lead a better and abundant love filled life….This is an awareness workshop towards discovering your Self and your partner and building a relationship and bond based on Love & Light.

This seminar is an orientation to the actual workshops which runs over a course of 2 days. In this introductory session discovering one’s Suggestibility and Sexuality enables a person to understand himself/herself better and this enhances their ability to understand others, the power of effective communication and result towards a more harmonious life…especially for those who are on the verge of significant committed relationships and marriage. And also those who wish to better their existing relationships and love life! In this seminar, we explore the subtleties and layers of life and love.

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