The Power of Forgiveness

I FORGIVE YOU. 3 simple words. But what does it really mean to forgive? Do we REALLY forgive or do we still hold on to different types of ill feelings and resentment for years inside us just because we cannot let go of the pain? Forgive and forget? But how can we forgive if we cannot forget?

Forgiveness is a word that most people do not understand. Yet it is a word that we are taught ever since we are kids, by our parents, teachers and practically every religious book we have ever read. So.. what does it really mean to forgive? and why is it so important?

Forgiveness means that even though what happened to you is not ok, you are willing to let go of toxic or negative feelings associated that person or event. When you do not forgive someone, you hurt nobody but yourself. You believe that you are a victim and for as long as you believe you are the victim, you will always be nothing but that. When you choose to hold on to those negative feelings, you create stress in the body and mind, which in turn is the root cause of most diseases and disorders, for which there is really no logical reason for you to live with.

You can start by first forgiving your parents, your friends, your partner/s, and everyone around you, until you reach a point when you can start forgiving yourself. Forgivenesshappens when you face the truth. It will hurt, but it is the only way you can make room in your life for pure unconditional love, that can heal you wholly and completely. By forgiving yourself you can forgive others and receive forgiveness, and only once that’s in place can everything else around you change.

You know you have forgiven someone when you think about that person, hear their name or see them and no longer have an emotional reaction. When someone can touch what used to be a wound and it no longer hurts, then you know you have truly forgiven.

Heal yourself and shed all those negative emotions and watch how all your aches and pains start to vanish. It’s the law of the universe, the Law of Attraction.