The Powerful Effects of Journaling

Sometimes, we may be in situations that makes us feel uncomfortable or unhappy. When we experience such emotions they need to be properly digested or released. For instance, if I am angry at someone or something, the feeling of anger if not released will accumulate in my physical body. Since I have done this once, I will continue to repress my feelings of anger until one day when I will feel physically unwell and be diagnosed with some serious type of disease or sickness.

Whenever we are physically unwell be sure that its is caused my some emotional or mental imbalance or block that manifested itself in physical form. That is one reason why they always say, express how you feel and avoid keeping negative feelings inside, no matter how big or small they may be. At the end of the day, it’s going to be your health on the line.

This is where the beautiful practice of Journaling comes in! Some people simply because of their personality or social surroundings may not be willing or able to express themselves in this manner. In such an instance, all it takes is a piece of paper and a pen and simply start writing everything out. As you keep writing about the incident, the people involved, the feelings involved and your current state, you start to release and get a lot of things out of your system that you realize does not need to be there. As you write, you can start to forgive and let it go. It is a great tool for personal development.

This technique is a very powerful form of releasing any negative or unwanted feelings or energies. You may write one page or you may write a book, whatever it is just keep writing and get out all that you do not need. You may also write about all that you desire and how that would make you feel, simply watch how the energy shifts and the healing takes place.

Happy journaling…