The Telltale Signs Your Chakras Are Out of Balance

We have 7 main energy centers in our body known as chakras. These are multi-colored powerhouses of energy located in different points of our body. Each chakra correlates to specific emotional, physical and mental ailments that we may experience. When one or more of these chakras go out of balance, we may encounter certain emotional or physical symptoms.

Clearing your energy and balancing your chakras can increase your vibration and bring in a healthy emotional and physical body. Here are some insights on how to know if your chakras are out of balance and what you can do bring them back into balance.

Root ChakraRoot Chakra – This chakra or energy point is located at the base of your spine, at your tailbone and represents feelings of safety and security.

If your Root chakra is out of balance you may experience physical symptoms such as cold hands and feet, problems with your hips, legs, knees and feet, digestion problems and even arthritis.

Emotionally, if this chakra is out of balance you may feel fear or worry regarding money, security and basic survival needs such as food and shelter. This chakra focuses on material possessions. Issues such as paranoia, fear and defensiveness may also manifest when this chakra is out of balance.

When this chakra is perfectly balanced, you feel connected, safe and grounded.

Sacral Chakra ColorsSacral Chakra – Located two inches below your navel, the sacral chakra correlates with creativity, sex and your ability to accept situations.

Physical imbalances in this chakra may result in menstrual and hormonal problems, lower back pain, kidney, sexual and reproductive issues.

Emotional imbalances include, inability to seek pleasure from life and sex, suppression of emotions, lack of passion, creativity, joy and obsessive behaviour and guilt.

When this chakra is balanced, we feel passionate, outgoing, have courage to take risks and are able to freely express our emotions. A balanced sacral chakra also creates a sense of connection with others.

Solar Plexus ChakraSolar Plexus – This chakra is located three inches above the naval and represents feelings of confidence, as well as acceptance towards ourselves and others.

Some physical ailments related to this chakra include: gallstones, liver and pancreatic disease, diabetes, colon problems and high blood pressure.

Emotional problems such as low self-esteem, lack of personal power, fear of rejection and criticism, lack of direction may manifest if this chakra is out of balance

When this chakra is balanced we feel: confident, have compassion for self and others, calm, a sense of acceptance, joyful etc. This chakra is your emotional control panel.

Heart ChakraHeart Chakra – The heart chakra is located at the heart and is associated with unconditional love, and compassion.

Physically, symptoms may show up as asthma, heart problems, lung diseases, breast issues, upper back and shoulder problems.

Emotionally, if this chakra is blocked you may feel anger, jealousy, inability to love, detached, unforgiving, fear of commitment and loneliness.

If perfectly balanced you may feel compassionate, joyful, forgiving and can easily give and receive love.


Throat ChakraThroat Chakra – This chakra located at the throat is responsible for communication and expression.

Physical imbalances include thyroid problems, throat and ear issues, jaw pain, sinuses, neck and shoulder pain.

Emotional problems include issues with self-expression and communication, creative blocks, anxiety and fear.

When perfectly balanced, you are honest and truthful; you can express yourself easily and effortlessly. You find ease in speaking up and being heard.

Third Eye ChakraThird Eye Chakra – is located right between your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead and is related to intuition, psychic abilities and thoughts.

Physical imbalances include eye and ear problems, hair and scalp issues, headaches and migraines, neurological personality disorders and hallucinations.

When this chakra goes out of balance we feel rigid, moody, and closed off to new ideas and views.

Clearing the energy of this chakra promotes clarity, enhances our spiritual connection and psychic abilities, and we become open to wisdom and guidance.

Crown ChakraCrown chakra – Located at the top of your head or crown of the head, this chakra is associated with spirituality and divine wisdom.

When out of balance we may experience physical ailments such as depression, light sensitivity, headaches, dementia and neurological disorders.

Emotionally if this chakra is out of balance we may feel incomplete, have lack of direction and purpose along with constant confusion. If the crown chakra is blocked, it can affect the other six chakras as well.

When in balance we start living mindfully, start trusting our inner guidance and are in the flow of life. We also develop a deep relationship with ourselves, and the spiritual world.

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An effective way to balance our chakras is by healing our chakras through energy healing techniques and crystals. Crystals resonate with our energy centers and help enhance the vibrational frequency of the chakras. Meditation and aromatherapy are also a great way to balance our chakras.

It is important for us to take action and change our lives.

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