Understanding The Elements

There are 4 main elements that under lie much of our universe. These elements are air, fire, water and earth. These elements are the building blocks of our material world. The fifth element is Spirit or Subtle Energy, from which the other 4 elements are created.

These elements are the fundamentals of nature and understanding these can help us understand the functioning of our world.

It is first important to understand that the elements are a mere representation of the dynamic qualities of our universe and it’s not just about the elements themselves. So for instance, when we talk about Fire, it’s not just about Fire itself but the qualities that the element of Fire represents. These dynamic qualities are as follows:


The element of Earth is all that we can experience with our senses – the physical world. All that stimulate your senses – see, touch, taste, hear and smell. It is the element of Manifestation. It is the earth energy that that actually transforms thoughts into “things”.  It is about the physical aspects of experience and learning.


The element of Air is the element of the mind, intellect, beginnings, choice and discernment.  It is about all the things that you may think about and the choices that you chose to make or not make. A great example of this is when our mind is over bombarded with thoughts it is our body’s natural reaction to take a deep breath. We need more “air” to allow things to become calm and come into mental alignment. When it comes to relaxation and stress relief Yoga too promotes Pranayamas and various breathing techniques to help still the mind.


The element of Fire is the element of inspiration, creativity, will, desire and psychic experiences. The element of Fire is what makes us feel inspired and passionate about what we are doing or about what we aspire to do. Fire has is our driving force to keep the engine of our purpose burning. It is associated to emotions and our experiences related to motivation, success and higher knowing. Meditating by concentrating on a candle flame helps improve focus and strengthens psychic abilities.


The element of Water is the element of cycles, change, endings, beginnings and releasing. The element of water teaches you to detach yourself from the outcome and place yourself in the flow of events and direct that flow to achieve your goals. Water represents the transient nature of our universe and that we too are a part of that change. Since 75 percent of the human body is made up of water change and transitions are also a part of our nature.


Modern science states that everything in our universe is made up of atoms and molecules moving at a certain frequency. This frequency emits a certain energetic charge, which means that everything is energy. Tables, chairs, plants, stars, relationships, thoughts, etc, everything is or has energy.  Spiritualists call this energy consciousness. The level of consciousness may change from one object to another, animal to another or even person to another, however consciousness/spirit/energy is the element that connects us all to each other and everything around us.

Try This at Home

Sit in a comfortable spot in your home or garden. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself in your heart and just observe everything around you. Look at each thing exactly for what they are. You may notice things in your space that you may not have noticed before. You may start smelling the beautiful fragrance of the plants and trees that you may never have before. In your home you may notice things that you realize you do not really need anymore but may still be holding on to.

Bringing you awareness to everything around you and looking at them exactly for what they are will make you look at the world you are living in, in a different way.  With practice you will move even deeper in to the consciousness that permeates through everything.