Crystal Healing and Manifestation Course

Miracles Wellness Center Abu Dhabi

Introduction - When you use crystals for manifestation, your chosen stones aren’t simply attracting love, financial abundance, health, and other desired outcomes to you; they’re helping you to cultivate a deep sense of self so that you discover that these things already exist within you. What will you learn - All about Crystals and how […]

Sound Healing Meditation

Miracles Wellness Center Abu Dhabi

Sound Healing helps activate the body’s natural healing system for deep restorative healing on a cellular and emotional level. The harmonizing effect produced by the sound creates a soothing, relaxing effect throughout the entire body. Some of the musical implements used during a sound healing session are Tibetan singing bowls. Sound healing synchronizes your brain […]

Laughter Yoga

Miracles Wellness Center Abu Dhabi

Laughter Yoga or Laughter Therapy is a series of movement and breathing exercises developed in the aim of cultivating joy to promote deliberate laughter while bringing out your inner child. It is considered to be a remedy for physical, psychological and spiritual ailments, where it is believed that simulated laughter can provide benefits similar to […]

Manifest Your Dream Life Group Talk

Miracles Wellness Center Abu Dhabi

Introduction - it may be that you know how to manifest and you may know or not know what you want in your life right now. To make your manifestations work, you need to align yourself with your desires, establish a strong faith in the universe, and visualize your manifestations. Perhaps you are around negative […]

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