What will it take?

My daughter and I started a diary titled ‘What will it Take…?’ We started writing fun things like What will it take for us to go to Disneyland? And the serious things like What will it take for Dolphins to be more aware so they can save themselves from becoming extinct?

The other night, before I tucked her in bed, she said What will it take for us to have no arguments while playing Basket ball at school ? Because it’s no fun anymore. So we talked about what was happening at school and why her friends were arguing and we changed the question to ..What will it take for me to have fun and play basket ball with ease with my friends?

The next day, when I picked her up, the first thing she said was that, Mum it worked like magic !! And me the ” grown up ” asked how??? (because my ” logical mind ” could not believe that the troublemakers straightened up, just like that…). It seemed like there was a different possibility!  It turned out that  two boys were absent, and the other two (who were the argumentative ones) chose to play cricket instead, so basketball turned out to be one hour of FUN after all !!

It just made me realize that in Access Consciousness , we say that we can change things by asking questions without having a “point of view” about how it would happen and it did for my daughter. Just as if by magic !!

As adults when we ask for something , we always tend to get caught up in the how of things.. the logical side of it , the reasoning, analyzing and the rationale. Whether it’s about what will it take for me to have a million dollars or 10,000 dollars or what will it take for me to have a partner who can be a contribution to my life?

The trick is to stay in question and not get into how will it happen or worst..how it cannot happen.. I’m not smart enough / good enough / beautiful enough / attractive enough…..What if all that was a lie?

What if you being you is ENOUGH? What if you being you is a contribution and gift to the world? What will it take for you to chose you without having a point of view?

By Aastha Dhawan