Womb Regression

Womb regression is quite similar to a Past Life Regression session. The client is guided into a relaxed internalized state with hypnotherapy techniques, guided imagery and visualization.

Usually the client is guided through a couple of happy/neutral memories of his/her childhood and then guided into the mother’s womb.

Based on the multiple cases done and clients’ feedbacks, it’s noted that the fetus does have a memory of all that it absorbs and experiences while in the mother’s womb. It also absorbs the energies and emotions of the mother and what is of significance in the mother’s environment.

Many of our beliefs due to parental and ancestral imprints are created before birth. Thus one comes into the world with certain beliefs and patterns which work as filters through life. In therapy, while going through the womb regression, the client discovers that what he/she believed as his belief and Life Rule does not belong to him/her but something they may have picked up unknowingly or knowingly from the parent and/or the environment.

In innumerable cases, after such a session, clients have reported smooth transitions, changes and shifts in various aspects of their lives. Memories and any birth trauma or pre-birth trauma can be addressed in such a session. Many of our personality traits and physical and emotional patterns and issues can be traced to experiences that we had while in the mother’s womb and also during the process of birth.  Many emotional and physical issues, such as feelings of loss, alienation, betrayal, rejection, loneliness, isolation, grief, relationship issues, separation anxiety, panic attacks, depression, claustrophobia, paranoia, asthma, headaches, and sinus problems, and many others can be traced back to the traumas surrounding birth and pre-birth times.

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The memories of traumatic experiences in past lives can be triggered by experiences and traumas from conception till birth. These are often the patterns and issues that we need to resolve in this life.  As a result of this, birth trauma may be of more than one lifetime.  Birth traumas can be carried from all the previous lives stretching back to the very beginning of the soul when it started its journey of incarnation cycles. Womb regression and past life regression sessions enable a person to overcome many repetitive controlling patterns and detrimental issues that maybe hampering progress and growth in their current lives and help them create well-being, balance, closure, peace and harmony and open doors for many positive possibilities.

Indrani Sinha Seth

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist ,Trans-Personal Regression Therapist.

Past Life Regression Therapist, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist.