Workplace Harmony

Disharmony at home affects your productivity at office and disharmony at office causes rift at home. Offices are microcosm of humanity. They are a mix of all types of people with all types of personalities ,quirks, goals and challenges so for everyone to get along beautifully , it takes efforts.

Few key causes of disharmony at work

  • Poor communication and consultation
  • Poor leadership
  • Absence of shared vision
  • Poor leadership
  • Mistrust leading to interpersonal conflict
  • Lack of emotional intelligence
  • Facing crossroads at work

Working towards harmony

  • USE MEDITATION AS YOUR ANCHOR – Whenever we are at crossroads in our life or at work we generally experience higher levels of stress . In whichever situation stress seeps in, it becomes imperative to get it out of our system. Like in a life of a child for every solution he looks up to his mother or father, similarly meditation resolves every problem single handedly.  Peace of mind, clarity of thought, reduction of stress and a more positive outlook on life are just some of the early benefits of meditation. Making meditation a part of our life not only brings out a change in us but also changes the environment around us as our perspective and vision changes.
  • TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOPS – Hold regular team building workshops with the entire office and empower co-workers to take ownership in the business. If they feel their opinions and insights hold value, they will be more likely to use their talents and creativity to help build business as a whole and go a little extra mile to achieve company targets.

ORGANIZING FUN DAY AT WORK – It’s time to change the regular office job approach and make it a more likable place. In past few years we have seen a lot of positive changes in the office environment which not only concentrates on fulfilling company’s objectives but also gives importance to employees’ mental and physical well-being. Organise a day in a month, wherein employees get together and indulge in fun activities together. This will help in shrinking all their stresses , rejuvenate their minds and resolve professional conflicts and blocks that they face every day at office. Conduct activities like laughter yoga , Improv workshop , meditation , these activities will teach employees useful communication and soft skills like focus and trust.