Yousef’s Success Story – Health Coaching with Nigora

A healthy lifestyle is key to good health and wellbeing. As simple as this may sound, a lot of us face challenges with maintaining good health, especially if we are going through addictions such as smoking or have health concerns such as being overweight, suffering from diabetes or high
blood pressure to name a few. In such situations having a health coach who believes in us is essential and makes the process much easier.

I would like to share with you my health coaching experience with a dear client, Yousef who had a smoking addiction, was overweight, and was suffering from gout for the last 4 years.

We started off with a detox week, assigned hours for smoking, and lots of water per day, helping Yousef lose 7kgs in 7 days!

As we got into week 2, Yousef continued to lose weight, felt active and positive, but the gout was still hurting. He went to measure his uric acid levels, which were astoundingly high, even for a gout patient, 12mg/dL. The doctor prescribed medication to lower this abnormal level, but I suggested we could work on decreasing it naturally, if he were willing. He decided to put the medication on hold and continue the 6 week program.

With his determination and focus, his daily routine consisted of detox baths with apple cider vinegar, coconut oil pulling, celery juices, cherries as a snack, breathing exercises, meditation techniques and much more, Yousef’s condition improved drastically.

Six weeks into the program, his weight dropped to 99kg, but the gout pain continued to linger in the background.

I then got Yousef onto the vegan diet and shared my recipe book with him to help him through this transition. After 8 weeks, Yousef measured his uric acid and to everyone’s surprise the results were at 6.9mg/dL, which is the normal range and he was no longer considered a gout patient! With all the introduced changes in his routine, the gout had no place in his life anymore and was slowly leaving his body.

Food is medicine, breathing is essential, and meditation and yoga are the most powerful tools for a healthy mind and body. The combination of it all has helped Yousef to take charge of his health.

I continue to work with Yousef in order to drop his uric acid to 3.5-4mg/dL and his weight to around 84kg, but the major work has been done.

In time, Yousef can slowly begin to indulge in foods that he thought he will never be able to eat again. Today, Yousef is at 95kg with clear skin, no puffy circles, has quit smoking, loves to cook and is rather enthusiastic to continue exercising to shed off the extra weight.

Our bodies need our care and attention. A 1% change in our lifestyle could lead to a 99% change in our health. We are here to live life, don’t waste it by smoking, by eating abnormal things perceived as “food” and by taking unnecessary medication, all of which cut your lifespan by years. Be smart,
be kind and Eat The Sun with Miracles!